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Foundation subjects

Here are a list of a few website that will support your child:



This website allows the children to practise their typing speed and achieve a words per minute score. They can practise as many times as they wish to improve their score.



The turtle and maze are appropriate for Year 3 children on this website. They can have fun programming using this website. Usually a programming session runs for around 30 minutes.



On this website the continents, earth and the oceans page are appropriate for Year 3 children as they have previously been learning about all of these. They can recap their knowledge on these areas. The countries/continent page is definitely a challenge but if you have an atlas/map at hand then please do have a try at these pages too although they may take you a while to complete!



This website is brilliant for learning key words and phrases from video clips.

The key clips for Year 3 Spanish vocabulary are: Numbers, calendar, school, picking fruit (under activities and hobbies). If your child wishes to learn extra then there are more clips available for them to watch in addition to these :)

The children can learn new Spanish words and phrases using this website. It takes it one step at a time for them and there are lots of clues to help them find the answers. They can choose how long they would like the session to run. It may be useful to start in small bursts to build up their knowledge so 5-10 minute sessions.


We have covered the following topics in our Year 3 Science lessons and it would be very useful for you to complete a fact file, a poster or information leaflet based on any or all of these  topic areas; 


-Magnets and Forces


-Rocks and Soils

-Humans and Animals


Recapping our whole school WW2 topic:


This site is brilliant for helping the children remeber the key facts from the topic we taught during the Autumn term. It even includes a timeline for them to follow too.


I've attached a diary template below with an activity that would be great for getting them to revisit their previous topic. If they have forgotten any of the information listed in the diary template then its a great chance for them to do some historical research to help them remember :)



Our current topic: Frozen Planet


Here are some fact files about Antarctic animals. The children could read about the animals and then create a poster containing at least three of them with three facts for each animal.



Climate Change:


You could also think about climate change and look at the attached powerpoint. 


Can you create your own poster or power point highlighting what climate change is, what it affects and what is being done/could be done to reduce the effects of climate change?

My COVID-19 Time Capsule