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Week beginning 19.10.20

This week the children are going to work towards a final writing piece where they will write a story about an animal in a jungle. 



The children will begin by looking at some optical illusion pictures where different animals are hidden around the jungle scene. The children need to find as many jungle animals as they can and record this on a sheet on paper. The children need to think of different adjectives associated with the jungle and write this around their jungle picture. They could describe the animals that they have found and the jungle setting. Extension task- The children could put these words into expanded noun phrases as we have been looking at these in class.




Watch various clips of different animals- Focus on their characteristics- You don’t need to watch the full video- Just focus on their appearance and movements.

Wart hog-




Koala bear-

Task- Children to make notes around each picture of the animals- Focusing on things they could use in their story such as how the animal moves and what it looks like.



Imagine an animal walking through the jungle, think about what they could see, smell, hear and feel.

Task- Write notes for each box on the senses worksheet.



Use the worksheet to plan the story and focus on the detail in each piece of the story. Once you have finished planning, start writing your story.