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Monster Phonics Groups

This week teaches the ou grapheme, the ow grapheme that makes the long O sound and the ow grapheme that makes the ow sound.

ou Grapheme

The only common English word ending in ou is you.
Example words: out, about, mouth, around, sound

ow Grapheme (Brown Owl)

Example words: now, how, brown, down, town

ow Grapheme (Miss Oh No)

Example words: own, blow, snow, grow, show


ou grapheme


1. Download the PowerPoint. Use this to introduce the ou grapheme. Read the ou words.

2. Watch the video ‘A Loud Sound’. Ask the children to make the Brown Owl (ouch) action each time they hear an ou word. Can they recall all of the ou words at the end of the video?

A Loud Sound

3. Download the activity. Use this to play the ou board game. Ask children to write down words or pictures that they have landed on, on the Record Sheet.