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Please try to space out doing these activities as there are quite a few here. The Fluent in five give you a few questions each day so it may be useful to follow those and then have a go at some reasoning questions or times tables after.

We have found quite a few websites for you to access relating to material the children have either studied or are due to study:


The first site is absolutely fantastic as it sets out each of the Maths objectives taught in year 3 and when you click on one, it offers interactive games and printable resources (although you can just copy the questions/calculations onto paper for the children to complete instead of printing). This site is a precious find as it contains SO many resources for you to work through.
 (these do require flash player).

On this website, the odd/even numbers are a good starting point for reminding them of what these are. The venn diagram activity is also useful at supporting them with their times tables. The ordering fractions activity is also very useful in supporting them with fractions in an upcoming topic. (these do require flash player).

All of the interactive activities on this site are appropriate for the children as they have been learning all of their multiplication and division facts up to 12x12.




Please also continue to use to support knowledge of the times tables. Parents can decide how long they wish their child to do this for as it can just be in short 10-15 bursts if needed.


BBC Bitesize:

Within this website the main pages for Year 3 to access are: 


Adding and subtracting: all sub pages in this section are relevant as the children have recently been learning how to successfully use this method. The clips are a great way of showing them visually too!


Multiplying and dividing: all methods here are appropriate apart from the 'Using written methods for short division' as we do not cover this in Year 3.


Fractions: Within this section, the children only need to know about adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator and equivalent fractions. They don't need to be taught about adding/subtracting fractions with different denominators just yet :).


Money: The only section the children should focus on here is the 'How much have I spent section?' as we have done this very recently.


Time: Everything in this section is covered within Year 3 and quite often it is a very difficult aspect to teach. We usually begin with time to quarter past/quarter to, half past and to the hour. We then move towards time to 5 minutes in both digital and analogue time (converting between the two is then introduced). During the teaching of this, we look at 24 hour time. The clips on the website are very informative about the teaching of some of these aspects.


Lines and angles: The children learn all about parrallel and perpendicular lines and the different types of angles (right, obtuse, acute and straight) so the whole section here is very useful for teaching the children as we have not yet covered this area.




Twinkl is an online resource which is full of classroom-based activities and is offering a free password to parents at this current time. The password is UKTWINKLHELPS. These activities are printable resources which are free to download. 


We advise your child to focus upon the following activities and spend between 20-30 minutes on each. 

Use the following pathway to help choose from the categories suggested. KS2 - Maths 


- Year 3 Diving into Mastery: Add money teaching pack 

-Year 3 Properties of 2D and 3D Shapes

-Year 3 Problem Solving Addition and Subtraction 

-Year 3 Digital and Analogue clock activity


There are also online activities available on this website.