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This weeks topic lesson's focus is to identify mining counties across the UK. We will look at how England is split into counties and how some counties were known for coal mining due to their location on the coal seams-including Derbyshire. We go on to look at the county we live in and the counties surrounding us. Finally, we look at our locality and the mines that were in and around Clowne. 

Teaching Powerpoint

Next weeks topic lesson's focus is to identify historical mining areas in the local area.

The plan was to take children for a local walk to the memorial in Clowne. If you wish to use part of your daily exercise to do this, we would love to see photos. We are giving you a heads up this week that this coming up as we don't want to encourage you all to do the walk next week due to the social distancing restrictions. Hopefully over the next  two weeks you can all get a chance to take a walk to see it as well as keeping safe. 

 Here are some websites to support this focus: