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For today, we would like you to continue writing your traditional tale with a twist. Recap the original story if you need to (or read it for the first time if you have not accessed the text before). This is at the bottom of this page. 


We would like you to write up paragraph five and six today. If you created the storyboard from Monday's session then you may use the fifth and sixth boxes from the storyboard to help you focus your sentences today. 


If you did not access the previous sessions this week then please read the original story below to remind yourself of the beginning of the story up until the wolf arrives at Grandma's house. Do not worry about writing the other four paragraphs from the past few days today. You can still focus on the fifth and sixth paragraph write ups.


What your paragraph 5 could include:

  • What might the wolf try to do to Grandma? (bite her? gobble her up? scratch her?)
  • What might Grandma do to the wolf? (Karate kick him? Bite him with her own fangs? Kick him in the stomach? Tie him up?)


What your paragraph 6 could include:

  • Little Red Riding Hood arrives at Grandma's house- write down what she might find when she gets there?
  • Here are a few ideas to help you:                                                                                                                          door unlocked, a wolf tied up with lots of bruises, a wood fire set up for a BBQ where wolf is on the menu


Read through the model to remind yourself of the features we are after. You may also use ideas from the model to support your own piece of writing but please do not copy large pieces of text from the model as we wish to see what you can come up with. You do not need to send this piece of writing in to your teacher until you have finished all paragraphs if you wish to show the whole piece.