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We are beginning our new PSHE topic on 'Being Healthy'. 

Our first lesson will focus on what is classed as healthy food and what is classed as unhealthy food.


LI: Understanding what a balanced diet is.


Please read the attached PowerPoint for all of the key information for this session. We have also provided a PDF version if needed.


Main task:

We have provided a document (below) which has two lunchboxes. In the first lunch box, we would like you to create a lunch by drawing and labeling items that would be seen as unhealthy if they were to be in the lunchbox for quite a few days out of the week.


In the second lunch box, we'd like you to try and create a lunch that would be seen as a healthy lunch (including items from a range of the food groups from the Eatwell plate in the PowerPoint).

Here is a link to the Eatwell plate: