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Wednesday 8th December



Today, we are starting the grammar part of our sequence. The focus today is:


LI: Use imperative verbs correctly


An imperative verb is a bossy verb, look at the power point first to help you understand bossy verbs. Next, have a think of some bossy verbs that you might use in your instruction writing. Write them down, see how many you can get. 

For example: chop, gather, fetch, drizzle, stir, mix. 


Once you have collected lots of imperative verbs, complete the worksheet below. You need to  pick an appropriate verb to complete the sentence. 



Today we are looking at dividing by 3. Watch the video and then complete the worksheet. 



We are nearing the end of our 'Blast from the Past' topic, we would like you to make a fact file or poster with lots of information about what you have learnt during this topic. Have a think about all the things we have covered. It might help if you do a spider diagram first with facts that you have learnt. 

Here are some ideas to get you started,

Stone Age houses and Iron Age houses

 Ancient Egypt, the River Nile

How Stone Age people farmed. 

How they made Stone Age tools 


It is up to you how you present it, be creative! Make it eye-catching as well as informative. 


You may also like to read, go on TTRS or practise your spellings. 




Aut3.11.2 - Divide by 3

This is "Aut3.11.2 - Divide by 3" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.