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Spanish and Music




We would like you to log on to Language Angels to complete your lesson.


Please use the details below-

Username: Clowne1485
Password: lahome


Please select the fruit topic and then select Unit 5-Fruits. Now select lesson 3 and start the lesson. Complete the interactive lesson and the worksheet (You can complete this in your book). Once you have done that, you can play on the games section of the website. If you would like a challenge, try the challenge worksheet instead of the normal worksheet.



For Music in school, we use an online platform called Charanga.


This is also available to children at home so they can continue with the learning that would be taking place in school.

Each child has a unique username and password (that has been sent out via private dojo message) to log in from home using the website link below.


Please message your class teacher if you do not have your username or password.


All of the children have been assigned 'assignments' and topics with lessons to look at. These are all on the homepage after successfully logging in. 


Today's session:

For today's session we would like you to log on and click on the 'Let your Spirit fly' section. The children have previously looked at this song in Autumn term so they should be familiar with it.


When you have clicked onto this section, please then click step one which allows you to listen and appraise, play some warm up games and learn to sing the song. Please feel free to click on any of the tabs along the right hand side when you have clicked into step one but please ensure that you do spend some time in the 'warm up games' section and the 'flexible games track' section as these will lead us nicely into the sessions after half term which will focus on pulse and how many beats in a bar. 


In the 'Listen and appraise' section, please make sure to click on the questions  tab (just above the play button) whilst the music is playing as it guides you into thinking about a few areas. The 'About the song' section gives you a little bit of information relating to who created the song and the style of song it is. 


It would be worth selecting 'Bronze' to start with in the warm up games and flexible games session unless you are really fancying a challenge.


If you feel confident to, we would love to have clips/recordings of you completing any of the activities so please send any across over the dojo portfolio platform to your class teacher.