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Week beginning 2/11/20

This week's sessions are all based upon adding and subtracting numbers.


Our Maths sessions are split up into three main parts, the children usually start with answering questions from a document called Flashback 4. Flashback 4 has 4 questions which relate to previous learning. We do one of the slides each day. Here are the slides per day for the week beginning 2/11/20 (Monday not included due to it being an INSET day)


Tuesday: Week 5, Lesson 5

Wednesday: Week 6 Lesson 1

Thursday: Week 6 Lesson 2

Friday: Week 6, Lesson 3 


The title of the slide is at the top of the power point (on the right hand side) when it is opened.





The second part of the lesson involves using power point slides to support the teaching of the area each day. Here are the power point slides for each day:


Tuesday: Lesson 7 (subtracting 2 digit numbers from 3 digit numbers-crossing 100)

Wednesday: Lesson 8 (add and subtract 100's) 

Thursday: Lesson 9 (add and subtract 1's, 10's and 100's from a 3 digit number)

Friday: Lesson 10 (add and subtract 2 2 digit numbers). There is no slide for this lesson as it is a recap session. You will only need the worksheet from the bottom of the page.



You can access these slides just below.


After the children have seen the slides and have took part in working out the answers to the questions given, they then complete a task relating to what they have been taught. You do not need to print these sheets if you do not wish to. The children may answer the questions on paper (trying to save your printer's ink :))


Here are the tasks for this week:

Tuesday: Lesson 10 ( subtract 2 digit from 3 digit numbers crossing 100)

Wednesday: Lesson 11 (add and subtract 100's)

Thursday: Lesson 12 (Spot the pattern)

Friday: Lesson 13 (Add two 2-digit numbers - crossing 10 - add ones & add tens)