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Snowy Fun Maths activity

Time for some snow day fun

Recently in Maths we have been measuring length so here are some activities you can have a go at. You can send dojo pictures of activities or bring in some measurements on Monday.


Do you want to build a snowman?

Snow Angel Time

What else can you measure?


How deep is the snow ... on the grass...on the car...on the path?

How far can you throw a snowball?

How big can you build a snowball tower?


What else can you think of?


Our new Maths unit is about weight so you could try some snow day baking. For Easter school has a baking competition and you could maybe use this time to practise what you could make. However, you can make anything you fancy (or happen to have ingredients for). 

Baking Time

More possible activities 

We have been covering the area of mass in Maths this week. We have attached a few problem solving activities based on mass for the children to work out. Please do not feel the need to print them out as the children can simply write their answers down on a piece of paper if  you wish.