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English activities


In order to celebrate Christmas, we have prepared some Christmas writing activities for you to enjoy throughout the week.


Monday- Write a recipe for the perfect Christmas.


Using your knowledge from our last reading sequence, we would like you to write a recipe for the perfect Christmas. Think about the ingredients you could add to make someone's Christmas spectacular! Maybe you could add a sprinkle of Christmas cheer with a spoonful of Christmas pudding. Your recipe should have a list of ingredients, equipment and a method which tells your audience exactly what to do! 


Tuesday- Write a Christmas acrostic  poem.


Write a poem about Christmas.  Loo at the way it spells Christmas down the side.



  Carol singing in the frosty air,

  Holly wreaths are everywhere.

  Reindeer galloping across the sky,

  Icy cold snowflakes twirling by.

  Stockings hang on the end of beds,

  Trees decorated in gold and reds.

  Mince pies ready, delicious and hot,

  A baby in a manger cot.  

  Star that guides kings all the way ...

  that’s Christmas Day!


Wednesday- Research the Christmas Story and write the story carefully. You could create a storyboard of the Christmas story if you wish. In class, we are going to draw a picture of each section and just put a couple of lines of writing underneath.



In class, we have a cheeky, little elf named Jingle Jack. He has been causing some mischief in the classroom! Today, we would like you to write a letter to an elf. This could be a cheeky elf that visits children's homes at Christmas or it could be a worker elf who is busy working in Santa's workshop. In your letter you could: Introduce yourself, mention your favourite things to do, your favourite Christmas memory and ask the elf some questions.



For the last day of term, we would like you to write a letter to Santa.