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Grammar Goals

The grammar mat is designed to be used as a warm up to this lesson and keep children revisiting objectives that form the English curriculum for Year 3 . The mat has six different questions looking at six areas of the year 3 curriculum. All of these have been covered in either English, spelling or grammar goal lessons. You can either print the sheet and the children complete their answers on here or do the work straight into the exercise books. The answers are provided for the children to check their own work and also as a point of reference if needed. 

We've spent the last few weeks looking at adverbs which have the job of explaining more about the verb in a sentence. This may be some more information about time such as sometimes or always or it maybe more information about place such as next to, above or below. 

This week we are going to look at the job of prepositions in sentences and how these give us more information about the noun.

Have a look at the power point. I've tried to record an audio to go with this to help you. 

There are activities as the power point goes along so try and pause and have a go at these. 

There is also an additional task that you can do in your books.


Teaching Video

Still image for this video
Play the video and pause when you need more time to complete the tasks.
I've attached some word mats that include diagrams to help you understand the different prepositions. Hopefully, you'll start spotting these in your own reading now.