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Clowne Junior School

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Over this half term we have been looking at difference and diversity. We have looked into how we are all different and that we should celebrate our differences.


Our learning intention this week is: Recognising and challenging stereotypes.


Task 1:

Draw an outline of a girl and a boy (or print the ones given below). Inside the outline of the girl, write down activities that girls do. Repeat this with the boy template and activities that boys do. 


Task 2: 

Introduce the scenario below and the name Billy.

Explain that Billy loves to dance and has recently joined a ballet class. His parents are really uncomfortable that he is dancing because they want him to play rugby. Why might the parents feel uncomfortable? How might Billy feel if he knows they are uncomfortable with him wanting to dance?

Have a discussion about this scenario.


Task 3: 

Write down a few sentences (including reasons) which argues why boys shouldn’t dance. 

Repeat the activity but this time write down an argument for why it doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl as to whether you dance. 


Try and decide which argument you would agree with.