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Choosing Time Activities

Choosing Time Activities

You are having to spend a lot of time on devices at the moment so the objective this afternoon was to provide some activities that didn't require a screen. A few activities may need a little screen time but hopefully they are followed by some non-screen time.


Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Year so there is a little information about Chinese New Year aimed at Children. Then there is a drawing tutorial for a Chinese Fortune Cat. There are also suggestions of a few other craft activities that we may try in school too.

How to Draw a Lucky Cat (step by step)

In this video, I'm gonna draw a Lucky Cat step by step

Craft Ideas

You can of course find your own Chinese New Year craft activity to do.

Other Activity Suggestions


Do some baking - we have seen how good some of you are at baking. Use this time to create something delicious.


Do some bird watching - see the post from Miss Jones on dojos encouraging you to do things with nature.


Go for a walk and explore - be silly and pretend you are on a bear hunt like you used to do or create a new adventure.


Look at back at PE from last week and create an indoor obstacle course if you haven't already had a go. If you loved it - make a new one.


Draw, paint, colour or make something to show us what you love doing.


Maybe even DEAR if you have found a book you love  and can't resist reading more.


Make something nice for your family - set up a family film time - you could even clear the room first.


If all else fails then find the odd sock box - I know most families have one and try to match the socks into pairs. (You would do it if it was a computer game!)



Whatever you choose have fun and send us pictures or videos so we can share your fun too.