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LI: to write a character description. 


Today, we are going to begin writing our character description of the three farmers. Remember to refer back to the vocabulary we collected earlier on in our writing sequence and your expanded noun phrases which we looked at yesterday.


Please see the model text to give you an idea of what we are looking for:


The three farmers have very distinctive looks and they are easy to spot if you know what you are looking for. The first suspect is a chicken farmer and the greasy, boiled chicken smell oozes out of his pores! You’re likely to smell him before you see him! He is very short and could be easily mistaken as a child but when you see him up close you’ll notice his wizened, ageing face covered in frowns and wrinkles as he is constantly miserable! His teeth are yellow and black and his face is most likely to be smothered in chicken and dumplings-his favourite food. 


The second suspect we are looking for is a duck and goose farmer who is cruel and spiteful. Do not approach him! He is as round as barrel and he struggles to see his own feet due to the gigantic size of his doughnut filled stomach. His trousers are fastened together with an expanding piece of elastic which is always stretched to breaking point! This is because he has often had a meal of twenty doughnuts stuffed with goose liver pate! His face has a twisted snarling look as he is always plotting and planning evil traps to kill the poor, innocent fox.  


Now have a go at writing your character description for Farmer Boggis and Farmer Bunce. Remember to include the vocabulary we have collected from over the past few days, these will help you to form a super character description.