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Grammar Goals

The grammar mat is designed to be used as a warm up to this lesson and keep children revisiting objectives that form the English curriculum for Year 3 . The mat has six different questions looking at six areas of the year 3 curriculum. All of these have been covered in either English, spelling or grammar goal lessons. You can either print the sheet and the children complete their answers on here or do the work straight into the exercise books. The answers are provided for the children to check their own work and also as a point of reference if needed. 

Warm up Grammar Mat-this covers areas from the Year 3 curriculum

Answers-Grammar Mat

This weeks lesson builds on prior learning where the children have looked at adverbs of time. There is chance for children to apply this prior learning whilst learning about adverbs of place. Adverbs of place act to give the reader more information about the verb in the sentence. For example: The boy sat under the table. The verb is in bold and the adverb of place is underlined. The reader can now see how the boy is sat under the table. By changing the adverb in the sentence the children can experiment with changing the meaning .e.g. The boy sat on the table. 

The teaching power point goes through this further as well as giving the children short activities to do to build up their understanding of adverbs of place. All the activities form part of the independent work so when the children start this they will already have had a chance to practise the question type formats first

All the work on the independent sheet is pitched at the expected standard for our year group. We look forward to seeing your work on DoJos. 

We've tried to record an audio to go with the power point this week in order to enable the children to hopefully work more independently. We've saved this as a power point show as well as a video in a MP4 format. Hopefully this enables you to access this on both a laptop as well as a mobile device. 

Audio Teaching Aid

Audio Teaching Aid.mp4

Still image for this video

Answers-Adverbs of place