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Grammar Goals

Use the grammar mat as a warm up. This helps children recap on all the grammar objectives that are covered over the duration of the year 3 curriculum.  There are lots of opportunities for the children to re-cap on last half terms learning where we looked at sub-ordinating conjunctions as well as prepositions. We’ve also attached the year 3/4 spelling words in order to help support you child with question A.

This next unit of English is looking at writing a fantasy story. One of the grammar features of this is to use expanded noun phrases. To make sure children have success at this we are taking grammar goals back to basics and looking at what nouns are. This learning will look at understanding the difference between common and proper nouns. The teaching presentation discusses the difference between the two and there are activities for the children to complete as they work their way through this. There is an optional additional independent activity if they wish to do anymore on this objective.