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Monster Phonics Groups

This week teaches the au and air graphemes and the prefix un.


au Grapheme

Example words: author, August, dinosaur, astronaut


air Grapheme

Example words: air, fair, pair, hair, chair


Prefix un

The prefix un– is added to the beginning of a word without any change to the spelling of the root word.

Example words: unhappy, undo, unload, unfair, unlock


au Grapheme


1. Download the PowerPoint. Use this to introduce the au grapheme. Read the au words. The ‘ed’ in ‘haunted’ is pronounced ‘id’. There are 2 types of au words – ones with a silent gh grapheme and ones without (focus on these).

2. Watch the ‘If I Was’ video. Ask the children to make the Tricky Witch (waving a pretend wand) action each time they hear an au word. Can they recall all of the au words in the video?

If I was an Author

3. Download the activity. Cut out the pictures and labels. Place face down. Play a matching game, taking turns to turn over a picture and a word. If they match, the pair can be taken.