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Copy of the text


 Please make sure to only read the pages requested for the day. Avoid flicking on and reading further. There will be a copy of the text Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl (illustrated by Quentin Blake) on each page where you will need to read the text.


Audio and text help.

In order to read the text along with the audio clips you will need two tabs open at once - one with the text on it and one with this page so you can click on the audio files. It will be fiddley the first time you try it but it gets easier. If you have a copy of the book at home it may be easier to have the book open with the webpage.




Read Aloud With Mrs Evans Activity


I have recorded audio clips of the pages of the book with instructions such as read with me, I read you read and repeat these words.


There are 3 separate clips linked to needing to move on to the next page.


Have fun and go and hide on your own if you don't want anyone else to listen - I did.

Fantastic Mr Fox P1 (1).mp3

Fantastic Mr Fox P2 and 3.mp3

Fantastic Mr Fox P 4 and 5.mp3

How to set out answers -

The word smothered means ......