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For today, we would like you to complete your writing for your traditional tale with a twist. Recap the original story if you need to (or read it for the first time if you have not already accessed the text before). This is at the bottom of this page.


We would like you to write up paragraph seven and eight today. If you created the storyboard at the beginning of the week, then you may use the last two boxes to help you focus your sentences today. 


If you have not accessed this week's sessions, then please read the original story and for paragraph seven, please write your sentences based on these key events:

  •  The woodcutter arriving at Grandma's house after hearing lots of loud noises, banging and screaming. Include that he's coming to rescue Grandma. What does he find when he arrives at the house?


Paragraph 8:

  • Include a final couple of sentences bringing the whole story together.
  • Here are a few examples of things that you could write about:                                                                         
  • How no-one now dares knock on Grandma's door as they are frightened of what she is capable of.               
  • Grandma could have since become a part of a neighbourhood watch fighting gang to protect the people live near the woods.                                                                                                                                                               
  • Little Red Riding Hood has since joined a karate club and her Grandma helps her to train.


Don't forget to add a moral to the end of the last paragraph. An example of one can be found on the model analysis text at the bottom of the page.


Make sure you read through your writing when you have finished to check for any errors in your spelling or punctuation. 


Read through the model to remind yourself of the features we are after. You may also use ideas from the model to support your own piece of writing but please do not copy large pieces of text from the model as we wish to see what you can come up with. You do not need to send this in to your teacher until you have finished all paragraphs if you wish to show the whole piece.