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LI: to write a character description. 


Today, we are going to begin writing our character description of the three farmers. Remember to refer back to the vocabulary we collected earlier on in our writing sequence and your expanded noun phrases which we looked at yesterday.


Please see the model text to give you an idea of what we are looking for:


Our third suspect is the tallest and leanest of the three. He towers above the others and has a slightly goofy look about him. He doesn’t often have many ideas of his own and just follows the orders of the others. However, he is often ten steps behind as he gets so confused as to what plan he is actually following. His face is very long, think and pointy. He has an unusually sharp nose with flared nostrils that he constantly uses to sniff out smells.  Although he has a good sense of smell, he doesn’t notice the smell coming from his old, brown trench coat! This is truly disgusting and you will definitely need to wear a peg on your nose if you choose to approach him.  


If you have any information about either of these suspects, please contact the Year 3 area immediately on 200011.  


Now have a go at writing your character description for Farmer Bean and edit your work. Remember to include the vocabulary we have collected from over the past few days, these will help you to form a super character description.