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Monster Phonics Groups

This week teaches the ue and the ew graphemes which make the long oo sound and the ue grapheme that makes the long U sound.


ue Grapheme (Cool Blue)

Example words: blue, clue, true


ue Grapheme (U-Hoo)

Example words: rescue, Tuesday


ew Grapheme (Cool Blue)

Example words: grew, flew, drew, threw

ue grapheme (Cool Blue)


1. Download the PowerPoint. Use this to teach the ue, the long oo grapheme. This is a rare grapheme.
Read the ue words. Play the Robotron Memory Game on the PowerPoint. How many words can they remember?

2. Watch the ‘UE oo Cool Blue’ video. Ask the children to make the oo (round mouth) Cool Blue action each time they hear an ue word. Can they recall all of the ue words in the song?

UE ooh Cool Blue

3. Ask the children to write ue words in either blue and black pens on the activity sheet. Then write one or more silly sentences to remember the ue words e.g. Glue sticks on blue socks. It is true that I don’t have a clue.