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From the model

Task - try to read this section as fluently as you can, pausing where necessary at punctuation.

Significant areas of Orangutan habitat, through fires, has been cleared of trees for crops in particular to plant palm trees which are used to produce palm oil. Palm oil is used in many of our products today: food, cosmetics and bio-fuel. Palm oil – which is quite easy and cheap to produce - is incredibly popular with farmers and manufacturers. An estimated 80% of orang-utan habitat has been lost in the past three decades as a result of humans and their ever-increasing demand for palm oil.

Click below to see where a forest has been cleared to create a palm oil plantation.

Task two - Use your non-fiction navigational skills to find out about palm oil with this booklet and magpie facts to create 5 explanation sentences just like in the model.

Task three - Look through your house at the ingredients list and write down five things in your house that has palm in it. Can you create a sentence with a colon in it? use my example sentence below to help. HELPFUL HINT I found palm oil as an ingredient in many foods and bathroom products.