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Clowne Junior School

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Wider Curriculum

Tuesday 19th October - A Blast from the Past


Use the powerpoint below to guide you through today's lesson about the Pyramid of Giza and Stonehenge. Use the internet to research these two historical sites.

Aim to discover:
- When they were built?

- Why they were built?

- How long they took to build?

- Why were they important to their builders?

- What materials were used and how were they crafted?


Once you have discovered all of the above, answer the following question:

Which do you think was more challenging to build? Explain your answer with facts.


Wednesday 20th October - RE


Can we create a code for living that would help the world?


Use the supporting powerpoint to help you recap the ten commandments of Christianity and the ten commitments of Humanism.


Remember these are codes for living.



Can you create your own code for living that will help the world and its citizens?

You might want to consider what issues currently face the world and it inhabitants to inform your choices, such as: climate change, plastic pollution etc.


Thursday 21st October - PSHE