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Clowne Junior School

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Wider Curriculum

Exploring Emotions   

Lesson 2  


L.I Understanding that our actions can affect ourselves and others 


In today’s lesson we want to think about how people’s actions can show how they are feeling.        

We also want to understand how people’s actions affect the emotions of everyone else around them. Read the descriptions below and think about all the emotions you listed last week. 


On the playground 

 Tiffany and John are playing with a football. John is trying to get the ball from Tiffany but she’s too quick for him. Francis is sitting on a bench at a picnic table on her own. Becky is by the hedge with Bob. Becky is pointing at a huge slug she has spotted under the hedge. 


Task 1 

Think about each of the 5 characters and look at your emotions list from last week.  

Write a sentence for each of the characters. What emotion might they be feeling and why?  

Try to use a different emotion for each character. 


 Adam comes running out onto the playground. He kicks the football at Becky and Bob but the ball goes over the hedge. Then Adam runs across the playground, heading straight for Francis. 

  “It’s unfair! It’s unfair! It’s unfair!” he yells. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”  


Task 2 

Write a sentence for each of the 5 characters. What emotion might they be feeling now and why? 

Try to use a different emotion word for each character. 


Task 3 

Pick one of these different endings. Describe what emotions the named characters might be feeling. 

Give the reason for any changes. 


  1. At the last moment, Adam ducks round Francis and goes under the table. When John and Becky get there they can hear him crying loudly. 

  1. At the last moment, Francis leaps to her feet and shouts, “Count to ten!” 

Adam skids to a halt. Then he stands still as he counts slowly. When he’s finished he gets the football, gives it to Tiffany, and then sits down next to Francis. He stares at his feet.  





When was the last time you felt an emotion so strongly that other people were affected by it? 


It might have been a good feeling or a bad feeling. (Read through your list from last week.) 


Write down what happened. 


  What did the other people do?      Did they help you deal with your bad emotion? 

                                                                 Did they join in with your good emotion?