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Wider Curriculum

Today in our TOPIC lesson, we are continuing to develop our knowledge and understanding of our 'STRIKES AND FLYING PICKETS' topic.


Today we will be understanding what a working day was like for adults and children in a mine.


Read extract from Lottie's story. Whilst reading, consider what it was like for adults and children working down the mines. There are also names of the jobs children carried out in the mines and what they involved. Highlight/underline these as they will help you in the task later.


Look at the 10 photos of children working in the mines. Can you identify the jobs that each picture shows the children carrying out? e.g. hurrier, trapper, thruster.


Choose one photo and use the sentence starters from the vocabulary mat to write a short paragraph about the photo.

Model answer: (looking at the first picture)

This picture shows two children being lowered down into the mine using a rope and wheel. I can see that, as they are being lowered deeper, the light from above is getting fainter and it is becoming darker and darker. I think the children in the picture would feel terrified because they are slowly losing their sense of sight and are being plunged into the unknown without knowing what to expect down in the mine. This picture makes me think of a time when I visited a cavern; it was dark and I felt really enclosed and cramped for room. If I was able to ask the child two questions, I would ask: (write two questions below)



Extension: To find out more about what it was like working down the mines listen to Jimmy’s first day as a trapper. 


Reflection questions:

Why were children useful working down in the mines?
Was it right for children to work in these conditions? 


Thankfully the Commissioners Report was later approved stopping all women and children under the age of 10 working in the mines. Next time you've had a hard day at school......think about what a hard day working in the mines was like!surprise

Knowledge Organiser