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Wider Curriculum

RE - Lesson 2

L.I Understand what a Christian place of worship is and what it is for


Today, we are going to be comparing Christian churches. Look at the Powerpoint about places of worship.


Read the information about Baptist and Anglican churches. Can you find and note down any similarities and differences?


In Baptist churches, babies are not baptised. Adults are baptised when they are ready to commit to Christ. Adults are baptised by full immersion in water. Baptism symbolises being ‘born’ into a new life as a committed Christian.  Baptist churches are supported by pastors. The whole congregation elects a person who they think will be a good leader. All members of the church are considered equal. Children learn in special areas called Sunday School. The Lord’s Supper occurs a few times a year. It is not considered essential worship, but it is a way of remembering Jesus’ sacrifice. The cross is empty to show the Baptist belief that Jesus rose from the dead and returned to God. Jesus is part of Christian’s lives today.


In Anglican churches, babies are baptised to welcome them to the church family and ask God to protect them. Babies are baptised at the font; the priest drops water onto their head. A priest leads the congregation. Children learn in special places called Sunday School. ‘Holy Communion’ occurs every week. The congregation eat a piece of bread and drink a sip of wine to think about the sacrifice Jesus made. This is the most important part of the week, where the congregation connect the most with God. The cross is empty to show the Anglican belief that Jesus rose form the dead and returned to God. Jesus is part of Christians’ lives today.


Your task

Draw 2 outlines of a church (or print out the example below). Title one of the churches ‘Anglican Church’ and the other ‘Baptist Church’. Using the information below, label each church around the outside of it’s shape. Then, have a go at drawing the features around the edge too, using the descriptions to help you and looking back at some of the pictures in the powerpoint. You can also do your own research to find out what some of the features look like in the different churches.


Baptist Church

A room for children to learn to play.

A platform to speak from, not raised as everyone is considered equal.

A large, rectangular pool in the main church filled with water, deep enough to reach an adult’s waist.

The pool is called a ‘baptistry’.

A board outside stating the next ‘Lord’s Supper’ will be in 3 weeks.

A cross displayed at the front of the church. The cross is empty (no crucified Jesus on it)


Anglican Church

A board outside advertising ‘Holy Communion’ every Sunday at 9am and 10am.

A lectern (raised stand) for the priest to stand so the whole congregation can see and hear him/her.

A font; a raised bowl of water. Tall enough for an adult to stand and hold an infant over the water.

A room for children to learn and play.

A table in the church, with gold candlestick, a gold cup and plate.

A  cross displayed at the front of the church. The cross is empty (no crucified Jesus on it).