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Wider Curriculum


PSHE - Exploring Emotions


Lesson 1 

L.I Understanding different feelings & emotions 


In today’s lesson we will be thinking about and naming different feelings. Look at the pictures from the film ‘Inside Out’ produced by Pixar in 2015. If you have seen the film, which is your favourite character and why? Can you think of a situation where you have felt each of these 5 emotions?  


If you haven’t watched the film before, the story follows the feelings and emotions (joy, sadness, fear, disgust and anger) of an 11 year old girl called Riley, as her family move house.  




Watch the short clip from the film.  "Disgust & Anger" Clip - Inside Out - YouTube  


Think about different situations you have been in and how they made you feel. These could be when you’ve been playing your favourite game, watching your favourite film, eating your favourite food. Try to also think about situations where you haven’t felt so happy. Maybe when you’ve lost in a competition, you’ve fallen out with your friends or you’ve moved house or school. 



On a sheet of paper, write down the letters of the alphabet and make a list of all the emotions you can think of. You can include more than 1 emotion for each letter. For example, A=Angry, Anxious, Amazed, Awkward. Ask someone else for their thoughts too. 

Now, using two different colours, highlight or underline the emotions that feel good in one colour. Then do the same for the feelings that don’t feel so good in the other colour. You can ask someone else if they agree with you. 


Answer the following two questions: 

  1. Why don’t some feelings feel good? 
  2. Why is being able to name emotions important?