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Clowne Junior School

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Wider Curriculum

This afternoon's lesson is RE and we are continuing with our topic of 'What would Jesus do?'



L.I Consider the importance of the value of love 

Christians believe that the love of God is the greatest treasure; that giving your life for others is the greatest love, and that in the end, love wins and even death will be destroyed. 


Think about the following questions: What is love? How do we recognise love? What are the different kinds of love? How do we show love? Think about family, friends, partners, parents, marriage, God and humanity. 


Draw a heart shape and write in your thoughts about these questions. These may include things like: Family show love by giving cuddles and showing that they care.  Friend show love by being funny and wanting to help me. People show love by being kind and generous to others. 


Extension Activity 

Look at the artwork on hearts by Jim Dine by following the link . If you have the resources at home, why not have a go at creating something similar using crayons, felt tips, paints or collage.