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Clowne Junior School

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Wider Curriculum

Today's afternoon lesson is RE with our topic of 'What would Jesus do?'


L.I Consider how Christians today try to follow Jesus’ teaching about justice & fairness using the example of Mother Teresa  


Click on the following link and read the information about Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa: Everything you need to know - CBBC Newsround 

Think about these words in Mother Teresa’s prayer: 

‘Make us worthy, Lord 

To serve our fellow humans throughout the world 

Who live and die in poverty and hunger. 

Give them, through our hands 

This day their daily bread, 

And by our understanding love, 

Give peace and joy.’ 


You can also listen to her voice in this link: Make us worthy, Lord - YouTube 

What do you think she means in this prayer? What does the prayer say about sharing, fairness and kindness? 




Read the six sayings (pictured below) of Mother Teresa where she is trying to follow the teaching and examples of Jesus. Copy out one of the sayings and explain what you think she means by this quote, giving an example if you can. Your sentence could look something like this; 


I think that the quote ‘Do something beautiful for God’ means that you should try to do something that shows kindness or love to someone. This could be by helping someone with their shopping or asking if they need any help.