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W/C 25th Jan

This writing unit is all about using our senses to explore the great outdoors. By the end, we will have written a recount of a walk we have been on which will be super exciting to read! It will include lots of exciting vocabulary and description that makes it feel almost real! 😊



Activity 1 – If you have a camera, take some pictures!

Go on a walk outside and explore the great outdoors. Think about your senses – what can you see, hear, smell, taste and feel?


Activity 2 - If you have a camera, take some pictures!

Let’s head out again! Thinking about your senses yesterday, think of words for each sense during your walk . Can you think of at least 3 for each sense?























Activity 3 - If you have a camera, take some pictures!

Have you got the energy for one more walk? 😊

What can you find? On your walk, see if you can find the following things…



Activity 4

Using any pictures you have taken, or the pictures below. Create a list or mind map of any words that you have thought of. Keep remembering those senses!





Activity 5

Use this PowerPoint to develop any further vocabulary. Also, take a look at this website. Listen to each bird song. Do you recognise any? I think you will be pleasantly surprised!