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W/C 18th Jan

Activity 1

Create a bank of questions that we could include in our report that we could find out about space – how many planets are in our solar system? What is a star? What is a planet? How many moons of Jupiter/Saturn? Which is a gas giant? How many miles to the moon? etc. Create mind map in books. Remind children what a question is (recap from last week).


Activity 2

Choose 2 questions from previous activity. Begin to research and answer (note form) using the internet.


Activity 3 - You can set your Non-chronological report out however you like or use the template below. If you have a laptop, you could even write it on Microsoft Word or PowerPoint! 

Complete the Title and Subheadings for your report. Remember to use your questions for the subheadings! You can magpie my introduction or create your own 😊


Activity 4

Begin to write answers to your questions.


Activity 5

Find 2 or 3 amazing facts about space that you would like to include in your extra fact box at the bottom.


Activity 6

Finish with an appropriate picture to include in your report! No need to print out a picture, just simply draw one smiley