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W/C 4th Jan

In English this week, our theme is Space and our focus is vocabulary!

Use the pictures below to help you complete the different activities and create lots of exciting words to do with space! 



Some very interesting and exciting websites and videos all about space too!      


Activities for the week



Write 5 key notes/facts/key words about the Solar system



Re create the feeling of being in space and what it would look and feel like. Remember to use your senses. Add to your vocabulary!



Show different pictures of planets and recreate using water colours. Cut out circles and add to black background. Put white pencil/chalk dots on background before to create a star effect. Add to your vocabulary!



Hot seat an astronaut (Parent). Find out what the children would like to ask an astronaut. Create a mind map of questions. Ask Tim Peake a question - very useful website -




What would I take to space and why? Necessary and useful items vs unnecessary items!