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Clowne Junior School

Working together for success and happiness

Wednesday 9th June


Enjoy some D.E.A.R (Drop, Everything, And, Read)

Try and create 5 retrieval questions and 2 explain, justifying questions and then answer them.


Continue our writing on visiting Wellbeloved's. Visit Nearpod by clicking the word and then use the code: MG2H5


Your task: 

Jot down language and ideas to make inside the big top sound super happy, exciting and full of joy. We are trying to create a really positive atmosphere. Words like shouting and massive sound quite negative, scary and a little intimidating. Try to think of positive words that would create the right atmosphere.


Afterwards, we are going to sneak backstage and completely change the atmosphere. We want it to be sneaky, tense and horrifying. Again, jot down language and ideas to show the contrast and the dark side of Wellbeloved's.