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Write Your Own Chapter


Use your planning from yesterday to help you write your chapter on one of the following three ideas.


Violet’s great invention which could be a chapter on how Violet plans to build or create a wonderful invention that will help to make their lives easier/happier but Count Olaf is onto them… 


The Tower which could feature around the children stumbling across a secret passage to the tower. Much like the rest of the house it is grotty and uncared for, the children however might stumble across some bizarre goings on… 


Count Olaf’s Past which could focus on the children’s attempts to discover  more about Count Olaf by searching the house and speaking to Justice Strauss, the children might discover something untoward or maybe discover why this relative had been cut off from the family… 


Remember to meet the success criteria for this unit of writing.


The success criteria for this writing will consist of:

  • Features of Lemony Snicket writing (ie talking to the reader, emphasising the negatives)
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Parenthesis
  • Semi-colons and Colons
  • Creative vocabulary