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(Test 4 - Impact of exercise on the human body)

Remember to carry out your weekly investigation into the impact of exercise on your body. It is important you do not change the structure of the investigation at all. All procedures must remain exactly the same!


Remember back to our first remote science lesson (link below)
Your investigation should be:

                               An exercise you can do regularly at home.


                                Collecting data by measuring and/or timing.


                                Kept up for the whole 5 weeks.


                                Written up and sent to your teachers weekly.


                                Able to show that it was a ‘fair test’.


An example would be:
- Record your pulse immediately prior to exercise.

- Exercise (for a set time, e.g 30 minutes).

- Record your pulse immediately after exercise.


It is important to record your results each week and make sure that the test conditions do not change as this will impact the results. For example, if you wait 10 minutes after exercising to record your heart rate, your heart will already be returning towards it's resting heart rate, and therefore will give a very different result to a heart rate take immediately after exercise.


- Please make sure the conditions of your test have been written down and take your weekly records.
- Please send us the results of your investigation each week.


Please use the weblink above to access today's science learning. Today we continue our unit on diet and lifestyle as we continue discovering the impact on our circulatory system.


Once you have followed the link you will need to select:
- Lesson 4 - What happens to the circulatory system during exercise?


This virtual lesson will ask questions, provide you with a video input and close with an activity.


*Remember to upload any work to your ClassDojo Portfolio.