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L.I: Plan a Pensieve memory  


Today you are going to write your own Pensieve memory. Read chapter 28 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (attached above).  What are the differences between Snape’s memory here & Dumbledore’s thoughts that Harry saw in HPatGoF?  

Snape’s memory is personal; it is about things that happened to him at school. Harry sees his parents as teenagers. He sees some ordinary daily life instead of a trial or other special event. Why would Rowling have wanted Harry to see his father & teacher (Snape) as teenagers at school? What is the purpose of the flashback?


What memories did you chat about at home with an adult? What was that person like then? What was their home or school like? Relate this to the setting of the memory. Can you imagine what the adult’s friends might have been like & what might have been said? 


You will plan falling into a Pensieve containing the memory of the adult that you spoke to. (If you forgot to do this then you will have to invent a memory!) Use the planning sheet to make notes. To a certain extent, you are ‘making up’ this memory – it has not got to be totally true (you can make up details for the planning boxes) but, it does have to be realistic. You will use your knowledge of the adult now, plus the recount that the adult gave you to create a flashback revealing the adult as they were then (at the age of the memory).