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L.I. Identify, add, punctuate and use subordinate clauses        


Revise subordinate clauses using PowerPoint .


Read the extract above from Chapter 6 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where Hagrid teaches his first lesson which ends in Malfoy being injured. Notice in the extract how subordinate clauses are used to add information to answer the questions: When? Where? Why? or to add contrasting or conditional information and are usually introduced by a subordinating conjunction. 



The following worksheets require you to recognise, add, punctuate and write subordinate clauses.

The activities are divided into sections A, B & C, which increase in difficulty. Complete one or more of the sections. 


Extension: Watch the clip of the Hippogriff scene. What differences are there? Can you explain using subordinating conjunctions?

Harry Potter Meets With Buckbeak