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Look back at Chapter 9 again and read the part from where Harry first rides a broomstick after Malfoy, to him meeting Wood and being made a seeker. This is a chapter of arguments: Harry & Malfoy, Hermione & Ron. Arguments are interesting because they tend to feature informal language and a range of sentence forms.

Look at an argument in script format using Session 3 on the Resources PowerPoint below.  What do you notice? How could this help your own writing? 

 Read and use the text to create a scene.                     

Using the pages from Chapter 9 where arguments happen, look for the different sentence forms. How are they used in an argument? What other features make the dialogue sound authentic? 

What if the midnight duel had gone ahead? What would have happened? What would have been said?


Imagine the scene with just Harry and Malfoy and write a short script. The challenge is to include all 4 sentence forms.