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W/C 22nd Feb

Acrostic poetry

By the end of this unit, we will have created our own Acrostic Poem all about Winter. Let’s first start, like we always do, with developing our vocabulary! Enjoy 😊

Activity 1 and 2

Wrap up warm and go and explore the outdoors! Take carrier bags out and collect winter themed items – leaves, twigs, mossy stones. Encourage your child to feel and touch everything around them, how does it feel? Cold, wet, damp, smooth, slippery, slimy. What can you smell/taste? Damp, moist air, cold, smoky. What does it look like outside? Frosty, foggy, dark, cloudy, misty. What can your child hear? Silence, birds whistling, leaves crunchy, squelchy grass.

Recap on use of senses from last week. Complete the table below. Can you think of 4 for each sense?


See Smell Hear Taste Feel


Activity 3 – Winter videos

Explore the different videos below that show different winter activities.

Create a mind map of exciting vocabulary using the videos you have explored as well as the walk you went on yesterday. Use the Winter flash cards to help you! (Click the flashcards to enlarge)

Activity 4

Talk about our own experiences of winter.

Discuss you and your child’s own experiences of Winter. Use the questions below in your discussion and create your own questions too!

How do you feel in Winter? What do you like/dislike about this season?

What do you do in winter? Do you like playing in the snow? How do you get to school in the snow? Do you wrap up warm in winter?


Remember this PowerPoint from a few weeks ago? (Click to enlarge) This will remind you about what a question is! 😊

Have a go at creating a question for each picture (slide 2).

Activity 5

Let’s keep adding to that vocabulary!

Winter and Summer sorting activity (Click to enlarge). Which items belong in the Winter category and which belong in the Summer category? Can you think of any other items that belong in the Winter or Summer category?