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WB: 29th November 2021



For Maths today we are looking at dividing fractions by an integer- a whole number. 

Begin by watching the video and then complete the page of questions. 

Aut6.11.5 - Divide fractions by integers (1)


For History today, we will be revising everything we have learnt in our BLAST FROM THE PAST topic. 

Spend some time reading through the knowledge organisers below and cast your memory over everything we have learnt. Think back to our visitor talking about the Ancient Egyptians and our trip to Creswell Crags as well.


Then, test your knowledge by completing the quiz below. Try to answer in as much detail as you can! 


Good luck! 





For English this week, we are researching climate change in order to write a speech later in the week. 

At this point, we need to research the topic and gather facts and statistics to support our argument. 


Today we would like you to watch the video, read the information pages and slides and gather as much information and background on climate change as you can.