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Just like we have done in class last week, follow the instructions on the PowerPoint.

  • Pick one word from Vocabulary Corner to analyse and clarify
  • Read the text
  • Answer the Rapid Retrieval questions
  • Think about /Discuss (if possible) the discussion questions
  • Finally, answer the Flying Solo questions using as much evidence and detail as possible


Today we will write the second section of our biography on Sir David Attenborough.

*You will need your research notes and your jotters at the ready to help you complete today's task.*


BEFORE you start, remember to revisit your writing from the previous day, checking your spellings, punctuation and grammar. Make any corrections that you recognise.


REVIEW your success criteria. What features have you included so far? What have you not yet used? Could you uplevel any vocabulary?


Task: Write your second section under the subheading of 'Creator of Nature Documentaries'.
Within this section you will need to present information on:

  • Zoo Quest - When did this programme launch? It's purpose? What is showed? Attenborough's role? How many people watched it?
  • Resignation from the BBC - When did he resign? Why did he resign? What did he move on to?
  • Life on Earth - When did this programme launch? It's purpose? What is showed? Attenborough's role? How many people watched it?


This will need to be written in full sentences, third person and formally.


BELOW is your success criteria. You should aim to achieve all of these features on a regular basis throughout your writing.


Today we are continuing with revising some of the key skills covered this term. 

Today, our focus is COMPARING AND ORDERING FRACTIONS & FRACTIONS ON A NUMBER LINE. There are several choices to today's revision tasks based on how confident children are feeling about the concept. Watch the videos below and then complete your choice of tasks. Move through the traffic light of tasks as your confidence grows or challenge yourself from the get go! 

Red is the most challenging. You will find the difficulty rating stars at the bottoms of the sheets when you open it up. 

Green level-  1 star sheets 

Amber level- 2 star sheets 

Red level- 3 star sheets and the practise assessment 

Aut6.9.2 - Fractions on a number line

Aut6.9.3 - Compare and order (denominator)

Aut6.9.4 - Compare and order (numerator)


For RE today, we will be looking at the importance of charity in the Muslim faith. 

Follow the slides- it gives you some questions to think about and possibly discuss with someone at home. 

You are welcome to write your answers down but you don't need to. 

There is also a video to watch below too. 

The Five Pillars of Islam | Religions of the World