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L.I: Identify, insert and use cohesive devices within paragraphs                                                

Read start of Chapter 16 to ‘…lurking feeling, something he’d forgotten to do, something important.

In this chapter, JK Rowling is building up to the greatest climax in the book. How does she build tension? Think back to the shape of a narrative. The curves are smooth. Jerky progress in a book can be confusing or irritating for the reader. We call this flowing of a text, cohesion. How can we write cohesively? 

Open and use the PowerPoint to revise cohesion within paragraphs


Use the resources below which require you to recognise cohesive devices, to insert some in a text and to write a cohesive narrative paragraph, using cohesive devices.

These activities are divided into sections A, B & C which increase in difficulty. You can work through one or more sections. 

 Cohesive Devices A

Part 1

Underline the cohesive devices in each sentence.


Harry and Hermione got a note. It told them about the detention.


Their detention was to take place in a scary place: the Forbidden Forest.


When they saw Malfoy waiting, their hearts sank. He stood gloomily with Filch while the caretaker polished his lamp.


Soon, he led them across the dark grounds. Filch looked delighted. He did not like students and therefore he was pleased they were in trouble. Neville, however, was snivelling.


Part 2

What is the word class of the underlined words in each sentence below?


Then Harry spotted Hagrid and smiled gratefully.


pronoun determiner conjunction adverb


The relief must have showed in his face.


pronoun determiner conjunction adverb


Filch told them that they would be going into the Forbidden Forest.


pronoun determiner conjunction adverb


Neville moaned when he heard this news as he was terrified of the dark.


pronoun determiner conjunction adverb


Meanwhile, Malfoy stopped dead in his tracks.


pronoun determiner conjunction adverb


Although he was feeling nervous, Harry knew that Hagrid would keep them safe.


pronoun determiner conjunction adverb


Cohesive Devices B


Replace the underlined word or words in the sentence below with the correct pronouns


Hagrid approached the children. Hagrid told the children that the children were late.






Insert the missing determiners use each once (a, an, the)


Hagrid led them to ________ forest and held _________ lamp high as ________ owl hooted in the darkness.


Choose and insert suitable conjunctions to join the clauses

(before, as, since, unless, because, but, so)


A light breeze lifted their hair _________ they looked into the trees ________ all was silent.


Insert a suitable adverb in this sentence


They all looked at the unicorn blood ________________.



Cohesive Devices C


Imagine the scene where Hagrid meets the stranger who offers him a dragon egg.

Write it as a narrative, using cohesive devices to link the events smoothly.


For example,


Hagrid first noticed the stranger when he sat down in his usual chair. The man, whose face was covered in layers of scarf, was watching him with strangely intense eyes. Although the man made Hagrid feel a little uncomfortable, he gave him friendly nod and looked back at his drink.