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Physical Education

Today we're going to have a little bit fun whilst exercising and staying healthy.


As you can see, the image below has a different activity for each letter of the alphabet. Have a go at performing your full name using the exercises provided (you can even include middle names if you wish).


If your name is relatively short, have a go at doing a family member's name, a pet's name or a friend's name as well.


Which exercise on there seems the hardest? 




Think back to last week's PE and how we focused on creating balance in a workout.

Have you performed a balanced workout today?
Are the range of exercises in the picture balanced?

If you still have energy left and want to earn yourself 2 'Never Give Up' dojos for excellent determination, upload or send us a picture of you tackling the challenge in the link below... 

(click the link below to discover the not so mysterious challenge)


I wonder if your adults at home would enjoy this challenge...