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Physical Education

Recap: Last week we performed Joe Wicks' work out routine whilst recording the types of exercise he performed. This will help us reach our goal of creating our own enjoyable and sustainable work out routine.

When creating a full body work out, it is important not to overload one particular muscle group. Muscle groups are often split into: legs, core and upper body. It is important that our routine must be varied and work all muscle groups. For example: we wouldn’t want to start a routine with 10 leg exercises as this will overwork the legs, leaving us feeling tired and unable to complete the routine. Instead we should break these exercises up and allow the legs chance to recover.

This week, whilst performing Joe Wicks' latest routine (link below), we would like you to record the exercises that you perform, as well as recording which muscle group is being worked the most for each exercise.

For example:
Lunges – Legs
Squats – Legs
Side Plank - Core
Press ups - Upper body.

After the work out, review Joe's exercises.
- How many exercises did he do?
- How many were leg focused, core focused, upper focused? etc.
- What was the highest number of consecutive exercises for one muscle group?
- Should he have done more exercises for a particular muscle group?
- Has he overworked any muscle groups?
- Did he introduce any new exercises today?


Take some concluding notes that will help you when it comes to formulating your own work out.