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  • To compare film and book versions of a story. 

  • Revise the use of adverbials (and commas)


Task One

Watch the scenes featuring the Pensieve below from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Is this scene better in the book or on film?  Which did you enjoy more? Give clear reasons for your opinions and identify the differences between the two versions.

Task Two

Can you remember what an adverbial is?: a word or phrase that is used, like an adverb to modify a verb or clause – it says HOW, WHEN, WHY or WHERE something is done.  Adverbs can be used as adverbials but so can other types of word/phrase including prepositional phrases and subordinate clauses. 



Use the set of sentences taken from chapter 30 in HPatGoF and identify the adverbials. 



Pensieve - Harry Potter