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L.I. - Punctuate and write direct speech; rewrite reported speech as direct speech 


Watch the clip, where the Dark Mark appears in the sky after the Quidditch match.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Death Eater attack and Morsmordre (HD)

The Dark Mark being cast is a ‘newsworthy’ event which might be reported in different ways. How would a reporter find out about an event?

Interview eyewitnesses and people with specialist knowledge or interest or from people in a position of responsibility.


Revise punctuation of direct speech and reported speech using the PowerPoint ,  this links to quotes you would find in newspapers.


Using the Speech resources below, you will practice how to write and punctuate direct speech and convert reported speech to direct and vice versa.

The activities are divided into A, B & C, which increase in difficulty. You can work through one or more sections. 

When you have completed this, read the Daily Prophet article on the PowerPoint and answer the questions on the article.