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Clowne Junior School

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Tuesday 20th July



I can't believe it but here is the FINAL CHAPTER from our amazing book study 'The Girl Who Walked On Air' by Emma Carroll.

I really hope you enjoy reading this and finishing this fantastic book. Here is Chapter 32 - THE CURTAIN CALL!


For the final time, remember to use all of the skills we practise during our normal Reading Week.



Today we will be looking at retrieval of information from a text and then understanding riddles to look for clues.


Have a look at the sheet below and complete the tasks:


1) Read the information carefully

2) Answer the questions accurately

3) Read the riddle and work out which dragon is being described

4) Can you create your own riddles for particular dragon colours?



Below is our final Arithmetic of Year 5. 


See if you can complete the most questions this time.

Can you achieve your highest score?

Can you complete this in the quickest time yet?


Remember some may be tricky or even extremely challenging - just do your best.