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Read/play audiobook of opening pages of HP to words ‘…number four’s drive’.

What clues can you spot to the type of story this will be? What hooks does J.K. Rowling include? Would you be tempted to read on if you did not know what was coming next? What sort of characters are first introduced? Do they tempt the reader to read on? Can you think of evidence/examples in the text to support your ideas?

J.K. Rowling struggled to publish her first book (12 rejections). She was an unknown writer and adults thought that children’s books would not sell! Are chn surprised? How important are openings? What does a good opening do?


Today’s Task


Read 2 pages from Chapter 1 , look for reasons why this would be a good/not so good book to publish. Make a ‘for’ and ‘against’ table. Can you highlight sections of text to support your opinions? 

Write a short speech stating why you think this book should or should not be published giving plenty of evidence to support your opinion. 


Send your work to your class teacher on Class Dojo.